The Apartment-Friendly Partying Guide

Never let a small space stop you from having a good time! 

Whether you’re in an apartment, a cabin, or even a yurt—there’s always a way to throw a big party without disrupting the life of everyone around you. Being mindful and considerate of your neighbors, as well as appropriately using the space you have, will let you create an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Remember where you are

The thing you most need to pay attention to when throwing a party in an apartment is that you’re in a shared space. That means that to your left, right, above you, and below you, people are going about their day-to-day lives and what you’re doing can most likely be heard by all of these individuals. 

Pro tip: rather than debuting your new subs, opt to play music through a wireless speaker (or several, if you have the resources). You’ll be able to get away with more volume and control what’s playing with your phone.

Give your neighbors a heads up (and invite them).

Let your neighbors know you’re having a party and ask them to inform you if you’re being too loud. It’s a better alternative than having the cops called on you immediately.

You can also choose to extend your invitation to neighbors to show hospitality. This shows respect for your neighbors and helps foster new relationships within your community. Isn’t that what parties are really all about anyway?

Try some new party times.

It’s easy to assume that the best gatherings happen under moonlight, but great parties can actually take place at virtually any time of day. A get-together with friends can take form as a brunch, lunch, or evening dinner. While parties taking place later in the night may fit everyone’s schedule better, there’s less of a chance of things getting crazy during daylight hours. 

If you choose to throw a party at night, you can create a large timeframe for the party so people can show up and come and go as they please. This allows for a higher turnout without having every person attend at the same time.

Respect the parking rules.

Let guests know where they can park and discourage them from parking right outside your apartment. If there’s a designated parking lot, you don’t want them taking up space that residents need. If you live in a more urban area, suggest that guests carpool, use a ridesharing service, or take public transportation.

Spread out.

Placing snacks and appetizers around your apartment allows guests to mingle and socialize more comfortably. If you choose to keep all snacks in the kitchen, the area will quickly begin to feel cramped and guests will have a hard time having conversations with one another. 

You can utilize side tables, stools, and flat surfaces around your apartment to set up refreshments. 

By creating a more spacious layout, you’ll prevent guests from congregating in one area of the apartment. Opting for disposable biodegradable utensils also allows for easier clean up without wrecking the environment.

If you find yourself limited on areas for partygoers to relax, consider using throw pillows and folded blankets as creative seating arrangements. This will give guests the option to sit and loosen up, creating a more casual comfortable atmosphere.

You can do it!

Don’t let a small space prevent you from having a good ol’ time. What makes a party significant are the people attending and the memories that are made. Whether your square footage is high or low, it’s definitely possible to create a fun and memorable experience for your guests.

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