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The best multifamily users to follow on Twitter 

How do you know something is hot these days? It ends up on the internet. And while most people may not think “multifamily news!” when they consider the latest internet trends, there’s no denying the online presence the multifamily industry has created over the last decade. Twitter is the place to be for multifamily news, tips, tricks, and just general camaraderie between people who spend way too much time thinking about making residents happy. For those who want the inside scoop on everything multifamily, check out these Twitter accounts that are sure to give you a big helping. And while we know these guys are our competitors in the multifamily news world, we’re being the bigger man (bigger company?) and giving them a shoutout, for the sake of our dear readers. So read on! 

MultiFamilyExecutive @MFEmagazine 

With 16.6K followers, MultiFamily Executive is one of the property-insider powerhouses on Twitter these days. The Twitter account is run by the company whose magazine and website of the same name are widely considered to be the reigning expert on all multifamily news and advice. With emphasis on property management, design and development, and the latest technology, there is no stone in the industry that MultiFamily Executive leaves unturned. Their Twitter content is similar to their website and magazine, which are catered to anyone with an interest in market updates, corporate insight, and recent standout properties around the country. But Twitter is where it gets really fun. Their feed features announcements about their company’s upcoming events, retweets of the hottest articles in multifam cyberspace, and anything else a multifamily insider could ever want to know. 

Multi-Housing News @MHNonline 

Multi-Housing News calls themselves the best in the industry, and I’m inclined to believe them. Their 16.4K followers also seem to agree, because they made sure to be the first in line to get the latest and greatest headlines from the multifamily industry. Multi-Housing News uses Twitter to represent their news-focused website, which features specialized information about every conceivable type of multi-person housing in every conceivable market. The best part about Multi_Housing News is the level of interactivity it allows readers and followers. The website lets visitors refine their news feed based on which market they’re most interested in, and a daily poll about some burning multi-housing question gives people an opportunity to share their opinion and compare with national trends. Twitter is the tool that really enhances the interaction between business and consumer by giving them real-time updates about the latest genius this company has posted. 

MultifamilyBiz.com @multifamilybiz

Next up is MultifamilyBiz.com, clocking in at a whopping 15.9K followers on Twitter. Fans of this account and website are privy to breaking news and valuable resources from every corner of the multifamily industry. The company keeps a close eye on real estate trends, big market moves, and the most innovative properties and technology in the country. If that doesn’t get your attention, MultifamilyBiz also produces a webcast for owners, property managers, developers, and investors really looking to bring their property to the next level. It tackles topical stuff like the world of Zoom and contactless technology while also offering sage advice on catering to different generations and budget balancing. No topic is too big for this titan of industry to take on, and Twitter is where it all culminates into a comprehensive and clickable feed of awesomeness. 

Multifamily Insiders @mfinsiders 

Looking at Multifamily Insiders’ feed, it’s no surprise that they’re the most followed multifamily account on Twitter. No fewer than 20.1K users depend on this account for the best insights, news, trends, and advice in the hardcore world of multifamily living, and the company’s Twitter page and website certainly deliver. The  most unique thing about Multifamily insider is that it encourages people to create an account on their website to get personalized news and interact with their online community. This means discussion boards, blogs, even a LinkedIn hub – so for all your multifamily socializing, look no further than Multifamily Insiders! If you’re not interested in creating an account, the website is still a goldmine of helpful and easy-to-read articles, which are also featured prominently on their Twitter page. Their social media feed also posts announcements about upcoming events such as webinars, which as we all know are the highlight of any Twitter experience. In short, if you want the inside track on multifamily content, Multifamily Insiders is the place to be. 

If multifamily news and insights are what get you really fired up, these accounts are a great place to start. Anyone who owns, manages, or otherwise interacts with multifamily living knows exactly how important it is to keep up with the latest trends and watch that roller coaster of a real estate market. So what’re you still doing reading this article? Head over to Twitter and show some love for these giants of the multifamily corner of the internet!

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